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Owen Thomas

Brilliant from start to finish. All settled quickly too. Highly recommend 

Martyn Shepherd

Motorcycle Law Scotland were excellent to deal with. Jo and the team were very professional, supportive and informative. I was kept informed every step of the way even throughout Covid with video calls when required. I would highly recommend them to any biker who finds themselves in the position I was in. Thank you to everyone at Motorcycle Law Scotland for all the hard work and positive outcome achieved.

 Guy McCulloch

Motorcycle Law Scotland was recommended to me by numerous biker friends following a very serious RTA. Brenda and Thomas were brilliant, going above and beyond at times to support me and my wife through the stress of a civil case alongside dealing with life changing injuries and significant rehabilitation. I am very pleased with the service provided by MLS, and with the outcome of my claim

Hilary Stokes

Thomas at Motorcycle law Scotland was absolutely brilliant dealing with our case. He helped me at every step and was there at the beginning when our insurance company couldn’t seem to help with the simplest of tasks such as getting us transport home after our bike was written off.

I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, they made everything throughout the claim easy and stress free!

Gordy Glen

Superb company. Brenda and the rest of the team worked very hard to help me get back on my feet after a terrible non-fault accident.

They stepped in and got me a great case manager sorting out physiotherapy straight away allowing me to recover faster. They helped me with everything from dealing with the bike insurance, sorting my finance and psychologists. MLS put me first.

Just 14 months after a spinal cord injury leaving me unable to move from my neck down, I’m so glad to say I’m not only up and walking again, I’m back at work and doing the things I love in life including buying a new bike as MLS got me great compensation. 

Thank you MLS. I highly recommend this team if you ever need help.

Chris Duncan

Great service from MLS for my relatively small claim.

Handled professionally and courteously at every stage. 

 Robert McCallan  

"I’m just so pleased that I managed to extract myself from the grasps of the appointed solicitor and 4th Dimension. If I can warn others in some way, then I feel that I will have done something good.

My insurer Bennetts, their panel solicitor and 4th Dimension provided no help to me whatsoever. To my mind they were only interested in extracting percentages of my settlement pay-out to line their pockets.

Brenda Mitchell and her team at Motorcycle Law Scotland, on the other hand, were knowledgeable, genuine, compassionate and could not have been more helpful to me from start to finish. I am so grateful to them.

My message to the Scottish motorcycling community is, if you need help following and road traffic collision on your motorcycle, always go straight to Motorcycle Law Scotland. Never let your insurer appoint their panel solicitor or any other recovery/storage/hire company.” more>>>

Maureen Rutherford - wife of Colin (deceased)

I cannot thank Brenda, Rod and the team enough for all their help and support. My husband Colin was tragically killed on 11 August 2018 when a tractor turned in from of him. Brenda took on "this case" for myself and Colin's family. We were treated with the utmost respect throughout. Nothing was ever a bother. I would have no hesitation in recommending Motorcycle Law to anyone needing help after an accident. First Class service throughout. Caring and compassionate from the start. We were treated as individuals and not just as a case number. 

William Mount 

"Motorcycle Law Scotland are most certainly the best Motorcycle Lawyers in the Business" more>>>

Alan Paterson

"I cannot recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland highly enough. Even when I was lying in my hospital bed, friends were telling me to contact MLS. more>>> 

William Boyd

"I was unfortunately injured in a motorcycle collision in May 2018. I found out about Motorcycle Law Scotland in my desperate plea for help following the poor dealings with my own insurer and their appointed legal firm.

I was given clear, honest and practical advice in a patient manner and although they couldn't help with certain aspects of my claim e.g. the low valuation of my 10 month old motorcycle, they did however give me clear practical advice to go forward with. I got all this before I had even engaged their assistance! more>>>

Graeme Hampton

"Motorcycle Law Scotland are exactly the right people to have on your side when the worst has happened. I am certain that the sheer professionalism these people displayed played a significant part in my recovery. Three months lying back with knackered knees give you plenty of time to think and worry.

They took care of my financial worries by securing interim payments to make up for loss of earnings and were always keeping in touch at the right times with the right advice. I can't thank them enough. They secured an excellent settlement for me and took a modest fee for doing so. For all you Scottish bikers, if it goes wrong, this place makes it right." more>>>

John Patton

"Motorcycle law Scotland took over my case after my claim was grossly undervalued by an appointed solicitor from my insurance company.

I cannot thank Brenda and the team enough for their professionalism and attitude." 

Cal Culross 

"I was the victim of a hit and run on my motorbike just a week before Christmas.

I was going round a roundabout and had already straightened up for my exit when a car failed to give way and I smashed into the side of it.

When my insurance refused to do anything, I felt at a total loss but fortunately someone recommended to me Motorcycle Law Scotland.

A huge thanks to Roz in particular but also to the whole team at MLS. I will miss dealing with you guys! Thank you for bringing me to a result at a time where I had initially felt hopeless.

If you go with Motorcycle Law Scotland, rest assured that they will have your back. Who better to look out for you than another biker who also know the law! more>>>

Mike Wilcox

"I got hit by a French boy on a BMW 1200GS who forgot which side of the road he should be on and swung wide on a bend on the Bealach na Ba. He was riding as part of a group, so group mentality meant he was not concentrating on the road ahead and making his own decisions and, I think passing places were a foreign concept to them. 

Motorcycle Law Scotland were a breath of fresh air in the miasma of effluent I was wading through with the insurance companies.

Thank you, Motorcycle Law Scotland for the excellent service, and if anybody else is struggling, then I have no worries at all in recommending their services." more>>>

Lynnette Cloy 

"I would like to thank Brenda, Jodi and all the team for all their help and hard work, fighting for compensation after my husband was killed in 2017. 

Brenda and Jodi were very experienced/ knowledgeable in the way they handled our case and I could not have done it without them . They are always at the end of the phone or email or another member of the team would be of assistance.

MLS are very professional and I would recommend that anyone. However big or small your problem is, just give them a call as I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed." more>>>

Leslie O'Donnell 

"Things immediately improved after chatting to Motorcycle Law Scotland's, Brenda Mitchell, an experienced motorcyclist herself and a very knowledgeable solicitor who recognised that I had a good case and was willing to take it on board. Even more impressively, she travelled over to Northern Ireland to visit me at home and interviewed myself and my two witnesses all separately to acquaint herself with the facts. Without this level of professional support from the team at Motorcycle Law Scotland, it is likely that I would have given it all up long before this. The level of professional diligence was outstanding and I have no hesitation in referring their services to anyone." more>>>

David Campbell

"I was involved in a motorcycle crash in January 2016 when a van pulled out of a yard onto a main road right in front of me leaving no time for me to react. The injuries sustained were fairly serious which resulted in a long recovery. Due to this, I lost my full time job and had no hope of getting better as the NHS somehow missed my injuries and refused to operate. I had legal cover on my insurance and the Lawyers I was provided with were pretty useless so I decided to swap over to Motorcycle Law Scotland (Brenda Mitchell). more>>>

Lee Barron

"Brenda is an expert in motorcycle law and a highly experienced motorcycle rider herself. She will visit you and find out every last detail of your accident. If she believes there is a claim she will back you up 100% of the way.

If you are ever involved in a motorbike accident and don't know what to do next or who to turn to, do not hesitate to contact Brenda Mitchell and her team at Motorcycle Law Scotland." more >>>

Geoff Whiteley

"I would urge all motorcyclists in Scotland to have MLS fight their corner because they really do make that difference." more>>> 

Colin Nicol

"I decided to give Brenda Mitchell a call to ask for advice. It was apparent right from this initial conversation that this was a very wise decision. It was obvious she knew and understood about bikes and Brenda arranged for me to meet with Jodi Gordon and between them, together with the rest of the MLS team, they did an absolutely amazing job on my behalf." more >>>  

John Gordon

"Motorcycle Law Scotland will be my first option if I ever have the misfortune to require a solicitor for a motorcycle or push bike incident in the future." more>>> 

Jamie White

"Motorcycle Law Scotland was recommended to me by a friend at Moray Coast Motorcycle Club so I decided to contact Brenda Mitchell rather than using my Insurers’ recommendation and I'm so glad I did. Thanks to Brenda and her teams' efforts, I was able to get hydrotherapy on top of the treatment provided by the NHS. This helped me to get back to work in reasonable time. I can't thank Brenda and all at MLS enough. They all made a huge difference to me and my wife at a horrible time." more>>>

John Hay

"I cannot thank Brenda and her team enough. I was kept informed throughout the procedure at all times. I was delighted with the result after fearing that I would not get any compensation for my losses and injuries." more>>>

Kevin Meldrum

"From day one, Brenda and the team were outstanding and so professional in their work. For me, Brenda and her team made this as effortless a process as you could ever wish for. She and her team were professional throughout the entire case. I cannot thank you Brenda, and all connected with my case, enough for all you have done for me and I will always recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland first and foremost to anyone else who need your help.” Read Kevin's full testimonial more>>>

Chris Turpin 

"I had an accident in December of 2016, and the company that my insurance company appointed me, were digging their heels and getting nowhere. I had a friend who also had an accident around the same time, a little worse than myself, however, he told me about this company, and gave me the email address and phone number." Read the full testimonial >>>

Mark Johnstone

"Brenda was great right from the start and, unlike the insurance company, she will know who you are when you call. She took care of everything with the the help of an exceptional team of people in the background (to whom I’d like to give my thanks) including physios, neurologists, investigators and admin staff. One of the best things about Motorcycle Law is that straight from the off, they know exactly what and who you are as “a motorcyclist” and all the situations you can find yourself in, they can relate to you, unlike the faceless call centre minion punching information into a computer all day watching the clock for finishing time." more >>>

Ruth Gilbert

"Throughout the process Brenda was never more than a phone call or email away. I felt as though I mattered, and I was not just an impersonal case." Read Ruth's full testimonial here >>>

Simon Smith

"I cannot praise Brenda and her team enough and in a strange sort of way will miss her, she has definitely become a family friend. In short, if you want someone who cares and will fight for you and knows the industry inside out, then look no further. Brenda Mitchell is the pinnacle of her profession and a wonderful human being." Read Simon's full testimonial here >>>

Bob Crawley

"Hopefully you will never be in the position whereby you are involved in a road traffic collision and require the services of Motorcycle Law Scotland, but if circumstances dictate that you require legal representation, I cannot recommend Brenda Mitchell of MLS highly enough." more

Marcia Ferreira

"Vulnerable and lost in essentially a foreign country following a traumatic car versus motorcycle accident, and in need of help to understand what to do next and where to turn, Brenda Mitchell and her team helped me on that successful journey to justice and wellness" more

Adam Cowie

"A year after my insurance company appointed a solicitor to deal with my claim for motorcycle accident compensation, I was no further forward.......then the manager at my local motorbike shop suggested I contact Brenda Mitchell at Motorcycle Law more 

Vikki Halliday

"I first heard about about Motorcycle Law Scotland a couple of years ago when I entered one of their competitions and won tickets to the British Superbikes at Knockhill." about Vikki's case and its outcome here 

Albert Roberts

"I was much more confident about winning my case after speaking to Brenda, especially when she explained that, as well as specialising in motorcycle accidents, she’s also a motorcyclist." more

Daniel Goldie

"My injuries had prevented me from taking up the offer of a job and my bike had been written off so I reckoned I had to be entitled to compensation – but, several months later, I’d still not heard anything from my insurance company.

I’m very happy with the service provided by MLS. And, as a biker, it made such a difference to me that every member of the MLS team really knows about bikes" more

Willie and Doreen Newall

"My case was resolved as quickly as possible, even though the other insurance company tried to drag its heels - Brenda was like a wee terrier! In fact, it was all resolved, in my favour, within five months of the accident, which I was very pleased with." more

Lauren McGovern

"Brenda was highly professional, kept me informed throughout the process and, as she’s a motorcyclist, knew exactly what I was talking about. I had every confidence in the service provided by the Motorcycle Law Scotland team and, a month ago, received a cheque for £4,000, which is, I feel, fair compensation for loss of work, my damaged bike gear and my injuries." more

Billy Mackenzie

"I suffered severe soft tissue injuries to my right shoulder, right calf and left forearm and my bike sustained considerable damage so I immediately contacted my insurance company. However, although the accident clearly wasn’t my fault, they told me I couldn’t make a claim as I only had insurance cover for 3rd party, fire and theft! All in all, the service I received from Brenda and Motorcycle Law Scotland couldn’t have been better. I liked how efficiently Brenda dealt with every aspect of my case and I also liked her realistic, honest approach. Brenda covered all the bases, ensured I was fully informed, always found time to talk to me, understood about motorcycling and fought my corner" more

Iain Philp

"I received an excellent, highly personal service from Motorcycle Law Scotland and, in particular, Brenda Mitchell. Brenda’s so approachable and friendly - and knows exactly what she’s talking about with regard to the law and to motorcycles. It was good to have Brenda fighting my corner.” more

Karen Holmes

"With Brenda on my side, I felt I had a good chance of winning my cases – and, in December 2011, I was awarded substantially more for both personal injury claims than I’d ever imagined possible!
Brenda is my knight in shining armour. She’s so down to earth, so easy to talk to and, as she’s a motorcyclist, she knows what we have to put up with. I can’t sing Brenda’s praises high enough!” more

Rodger Anderson

“Brenda called me regularly to explain what was happening with my case, she always answered or returned my calls and she arranged for me to be seen by various medical specialists. With Brenda, I always felt I was on the top of the pile and every time I spoke to her, I felt something else had been done to push matters forward" more

Patrick Brogan

“Within a few days of appointing Brenda Mitchell as my legal representative, she’d made more progress than my previous solicitor had in months. I’d suffered multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t my fault. However, before I spoke to Brenda Mitchell, it looked highly probable I was going to lose my compensation claim, even though I’d been hit by a car travelling in the opposite direction which had turned directly in front of me without warning or any indication" more

Scott Jones

“Changing lawyers was quite simple – and I knew almost immediately that I’d made a good decision.  Brenda was very professional but also very friendly and it really made a difference that she knew about motorbikes as I didn’t have to keep explaining the logistics of the crash" more

John Macdonald - Director Pro-Scot

“Brenda is a highly-experienced lawyer with an exceptionally high level of expertise in motorcycle accident law – but that’s not the only reason people like being represented by Brenda.  Brenda’s very open-minded, very approachable – and passionate about her role as a motorcycle accident lawyer. And she really cares about her clients. To me, that’s what makes Brenda Mitchell special" more









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